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Workshop Duration

5 Days

Java Workshop Highlights

Training and workshops offer a unique blend of personalized teaching, mentoring, and counseling which shape your future and land a high paying job and entrepreneurial skills also.

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Certificate of Program Completion from EdCEPT

Participation in Masterclasses led by distinguished faculty at EdCEPT

Toolkit & Portfolio Creation

Master critical tools (Excel, Eclipse, Docker, Jira, Jenkins) utilized by Java developers. developers.

Assistance in resume building help you to ace the interview

EdCEPT Career Services

Enhance your CV and receive career advice from seasoned industry professionals

Participate in simulated interview sessions to excel in challenging technical questions.

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Java Developer
Backend Developer
Mobile Application Developer

A Java Developer is responsible for planning, designing, developing, and managing Java-based applications and software.

Average Salaries
₹ 5L-7LPer Annum

Program Outcomes

Effectively apply to real-world innovation challenges and make a positive impact on the world.

Develop a thorough understanding of fundamental principles and tap into its endless possibilities

Attain the proficiency to utilize for generating text, answering questions, and generating ideas, and unleash your creativity.

Certificates will be issued within 7 days of completion of workshops

Skills Covered

Web Frameworks
Application Containers
Unit Testing
Java EE Components
DevOps Tools
Mastering The Principles Of SOLID

Tools Covered

Demand for java in 2024

Mastering Java opens doors to diverse opportunities in software development. As a Java developer, you can build enterprise applications, create scalable web solutions with frameworks like Spring, and venture into Android app development. Java's versatility extends to big data processing, cloud computing, finance, and game development. With roles in automated testing and DevOps, Java provides a solid foundation for a dynamic and fulfilling career in the software industry.


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